You’ve arrived in the renowned wine country and are excited to see and taste what you’ve heard so much about. But where do you start? With the perfect Napa wine tour, riding a trolley of course! Whether it’s the Classic Tour or the Private Charter, the reasons to join our trolley ride are endless.


Enjoy the Benefits of our Trolley Tours—The Best Napa Valley Wine Tours

  1. We’ll choose the finest wineries to visit

With hundreds of wineries to see, visitors to Napa Valley feel lost. You want to have a well-rounded trip but where do you go? Our goal with Napa wine tours is to give you the best overall experience that starts the minute you step onboard. During the Classic Tour (6 hours), we always visit three premium wineries and you can ride the trolley twice during your stay without any repeats!

  1. You’ll receive exceptional service at each winery

With the Napa Valley Wine Trolley, not only will you tour distinctive wineries, but you will receive special attention and even negotiated discounts on tastings. We have built solid relationships with Napa wineries over the past several years and the owners and staff are excited to welcome you as their guest.

  1. We’ll guide you and make the most of your time

Whether it’s a day, a week, or maybe even longer, your wine tasting time in Napa is precious. During our trolley tour, we will ensure that your time is spent enjoying what the beautiful region has to offer and not being lost or confused!

  1. Don’t worry about how much you can drink (safely) and drive

…or about having a designated driver. To get the true experience of Napa Valley, you must sit back, relax, and let someone else control the logistics. Enjoy a leisurely day and the chance to try wines that you simply won’t taste anywhere else.


Choosing Napa Wine Tours: Why Napa Valley Wine Trolley vs. a Competitor?

  1. How else can you taste Napa wines and get the “open-air” experience of a cable car?

With Napa’s Mediterranean climate, having the option to sit in the open-air cable car and soak in the sun is fabulous. If the weather changes, you can quickly change seats to the indoor part of the trolley but feeling the breeze as we cruise through the vineyards will awaken all your senses!

  1. You are destined to have fun with our passionate Napa tour guides

Our trolley guides love to share their knowledge and local expertise. As seasoned drivers of the Napa Valley region, they are excited to give you a cultural experience that you won’t get on your own. It’s a combination of incredible wine tasting, breathtaking views, a bit of history, and a truly unique trolley ride!

  1. Have you heard about lunch? It’s unbeatable

There’s only one aspect of Napa Valley Wine Tours that’s almost as important as introducing you to the best cabernet: complementing it with an exceptional lunch! During the Classic Tour, we stop at Ottimo in Yountville for an Italian style lunch.  And yes, vegetarian options are part of the lunch.

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